Tuesday, February 2, 2010


the bingo party this year was 1 part bingo, 3 parts photo booth and 17 parts food.
those 21 parts equal good times and plenty of tamale farts. (yooooou're welcome).
not much else to say about that.
enjoy the photo strips of some of my very favorite people:

ps- brandon just walked in here, looked at the pictures, and asked: "is the background suppose to camouflage the people?"
pps- i said yes. and then punched myself in the liver.


Steve and Shell said...

you know whats funny about this, when you were taking the pics i didnt realize they were sequence "photo booth" shots, i just thought you kept shooting to get a GOOD one. thats why i look the same in all of the above.

Priscilla said...

I guess I missed the Photo shoot memo while inhaling all 10lbs of your banana cream deliciousness!

ps. my banana farts totally kicked your tamale farts' A*^! Loved the partay!

Steph Bowen said...

I'm with Shelly. Didn't know I was supposed to actually change my positioning and look like I was someone who knows how to have fun.

Anna M said...

WHERE oh WHERE did you get your bed in your master? I am in love.

oh, and hi, I'm Anna.

Nielsens said...

i'm finally ready to reveal myself as a guilty blog-stalker! i love your new header!!! --allison nielsen

Sara said...

Why do all your friends look like so much fun?