Monday, February 8, 2010

-true like forever

i met the wyatts last week.
they're having a baby.
but that's not the cool thing about them.
the coolest thing about becky and cameron is how much they like each other.
novel concept right?
a married couple that doesn't just love each other but also like each other?!
so rad.

brandon's been taking me on dates lately, without the boys.
and guess what i've found-
i like him.
he laughs at all of my inappropriate jokes and doesn't mind if i burp on our way to the car.
(i sound like a 14 year old boy.)
i decided to tell him i liked him and he knew it was a bigger compliment than the usual "love you".
here's to us this february and our state of being madly in like with each other.

and here's to the wyatts- for their amazing chemistry and their female baby producing skills.
(how do they do it!!??)


Lucrecia said...

hmmm...liking eachother. I suppose after reading this post that I'm really hungry for some date nights myself! I mean after 12 years of mairrage doesn't everyone sort of become roomies on some level? If I'm wrong I really need a kick in the pockets!

McCain Family said...

I like you.

Beav & Kayla said...

Um...pretty sure this picture of you and Brandon is my fav!! Have fun on being "in like":)

Sara said...

I love couples that like each other. Makes you think perhaps we were on to something in 6th grade when telling someone you "liked" them was the highest compliment.