Thursday, February 11, 2010


it's time to focus.
i've put it off for waaaay too long.
i need to get my photo website up and get a little more organized.
anyone have any suggestions for templates?

baby brother dave needed to beef up his portfolio.
i needed more practice in the studio.
jose needed an overdose of mccain humor.
last night was about meeting needs.
when i get a second, i'll put the rest of dave's session on my photoblog.
for now, enjoy yet another collage.

ps- this is Jose. he's kinda amazeballs.
he's waaaay more professional than i am.
click here to see for yourself.

ps- he'll laugh at most of your jokes. and tell you you're stupid for not knowing how to work your own camera.


Impressions Of My Life At The Moment said...

very cool. If I every do decide to get photos taken, I know where to go since you are local :)

megara said...

amazeballs for sure. new favorite word. holy amazeballs! okay get the lensbaby you'll have fun. i don't know what gear you shoot with, but its a refreshing technique.

love the photos!