Sunday, February 28, 2010

-ragtard renard.

how do you sum up the craziest36 hours of life ever lived?
i sent matt a text this morning and asked if i was crazy for missing ragnar so much already.
he replied:
"no. last night i couldn't sleep so i drank a red bull, rubbed hot garbage all over me and went and sat in my truck".

that's about it.

the ragnar relay was the most difficult challenge i've ever participated in -yet- it's not the long stretches of running through the pitch black desert or impossible climbs along the broken shoulders of an old arizona highway that i'll remember most about this experience.

forget about all the running when i have things like cussing out my 17 year old teammate or pooping in the middle of a very busy and crowded parking lot at 2 am to reminisce about. i know i'm gross but i never thought i'd reach the lows i did. i guess it takes a total lack of electrolytes, sleep, food, hope and a car full of guys (and probably a mild case of TSS) to bring out the worst in me.

my team was the best.
and after this experience i would take a bullet for them.
or at least given them my last blessed banana.
we laughed with each other, we cheered for each other, we hung in there for each individual's breakdowns and we smelled each other's body odor in a closed vehicle for HOURS.

ragnar and bonding goes together as naturally as eating liberty fries and shitting the american flag.

never been happier. enjoy my slide show.

ps- i'm pretty sure tss can be cured or held at bay when you wipe with windex wipes.
because sometimes, that's all that's available.
and you've pretty much given up on life anyway.


Anonymous said...

awesome! yay, I'm back to being one of the first three to comment! LoL!

the mama monster said...

wow good for you! my husband did ragnar and loved it... i however do not have any desire to run at 2 am sooo big props! by tss do you mean toxic shock? ugh scary!!

ArizonaLewis said...

yes- toxic shock
it was a funny joke.
no need to be scared.
first time using tss humor.
how'd it go over?

Kelly Mo said...

way to go! I have heard that relay is awesome. I just don't think I would have the gas to go the distance.

Tiff G. said...

I thought the tss humor was quite brilliant, use it again, use it again!
Welcome back to civilization! You're a rock star!

NT said...


Steph Bowen said...

I'm so proud of you!

Shuggilippo said...

Riveting. 'Specially the TSS reference. I think we could all stand to incorporate obscure female diseases caused by magical cotton wands into casual humor a bit more.

P.S. You're insane. But the good insane. Like, Damn, I wish I didn't have a broken back so I could be as insane as Heather.

Lisa Harris said...

Im the runner that took your team's pic after the race(the one of you biting your medals). I came across your blog over the holiday when I was searching unique christmas tree idea's. I am still in love with your peacock feather tree.
Anyways..I had to stop by and admit I recongnized you when you asked me to take your team picture.
Glad you guys had such a great time. This was our 3rd year. We are set to do LA Ragnar as well. Maybe we'll see you there.
Lisa Harris

brian and thera tolman said...

I'm so impressed! I can only imagine how the TSS contributed to the array of pungent smells flowing from that van...and the poor rental guy that had to check that back in.

McCain Family said...

Absolutely amazing! Way to go! Oh, if only I had the energy and motivation to do such an event...maybe someday. Until then, I will enjoy watching it from afar.
I love that solo picture of you. You look sweet. :)


Brooke said...

Amazing... I am in awe and jealous all at once.