Sunday, March 28, 2010

-ding! dong! ding! dong!

that's it.
we were there.
the MOST AMAZING wedding in the universe.
jonelle is officially mrs. g. and it was definitely a celebration.

i love weddings more than anything.
fresh flowers, shiny people, good food, romance in the air,
and the memories of how my own love story began.
anyone got an extra 2 seats at their upcoming wedding?
we're really great guests.
we'll even split our meal.

ps- if lew can't come, i can always bring my pencil skirt twin:


Wagars said...

Oh happy day! Congrats to JONELLE. Congrats to you on your continuing love affair. Congrats to me for 8 years with my love.

Love is grand. I hope to see the full version of wedding week photos someday.

Jamie Elizabeth Danielle Weise said...

Heather, these pictures are AMAZING.

Sara said...

Lady, you do a pencil skirt proud.

Nishant said...

its really awesome.
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