Thursday, March 25, 2010

-i'm high on rawk

i got a call at 8pm the other night informing me that i needed to get dressed and head over to some shady underground mesa venue immediately. and wasn't i soooo glad i did?!
this is kerri:
she's basically my dealer.
when i say no, i'm too old, i'm too tired, i feel fat, i don't need anymore, i'm over it-
she says no.

and because i will forever be addicted to all things mxpx, i am forever her slave.
for some reason, kerri's always on top of our favorite little punk band's whereabouts.
i admired her ability to constantly deflect shame associated with being too old to jam with 15 year old boys- belting out every single lyric.

notice- the face of an addict:

mike came to arizona and gave us an acoustic show.

and now i can go back to my mom life.
damn you kerri.
and i love you.


Sara said...

Who doesn't love a heavily tattooed guy who plays the guitar?

Okay, lots of people, but I know I love them something fierce!

the mama monster said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaa mxpx! i used to listen to them, and i saw them once.i used to be really into punk too. my friend chess perri looks just like singer dude. haha christian punk rock. i looove you.