Monday, March 8, 2010

- my best friend's getting married.......

she's tying the knot.
and even though she has a 9 year relationship and 2 kids with the old ball and chain- we (her self appointed bridesmaids) decided to give her one last whirl on the town before taking the vows.
jonelle refused to let us call it a bachelorette party so we'll just say it was a girl's night out with some dancing, free drinks, a worn out taxi biker and some camera shots up the skirts.
aka- the night i laughed harder and longer than any other night in my life.

there's a shot of that damn pumpkin bread pudding that i can't stop thinking about.

here's to you jo.
may your wedding be as beautiful and bubbly as a sweaty glass of diet coke.
and may your new wife title not make you forget about how fun girl's night out is.

1 comment:

Priscilla said...

DEFINITELY the Best night of my life!! Thank you for putting up with boob-less nipples, dirty underwear , and pizza that's only edible on a night like THAT night! Can't wait to do it again next week! What's the occasion ??!!!