Tuesday, March 23, 2010

-happy happy

happy birthday
my man!
there's 2 things brandon really hates:
taking pictures of food
public birthday celebrations.
but he obliged to both because he's married to me- the bday queen- and knew i always get what i want.
we went to The Capital Grill (thanks to a $100 gift card i received from a client) and had steaks and his favorite-
fancy restaurant mac and cheese.
it just tastes that much better when it costs $15.
and then to cap off the elegant evening of dining we went to walmart.
i told him he needed to pick out some gifts for the boys to wrap and give to him in the morning.
it's either that or i'll buy him stuff i want like a swiffer vacuum or lip gloss.
once again, he obliged.

he's not of frequenter of "the wals" and upon entrance, he said the greatest thing of all time:
"oh yeah. i love it here. i can fart and not even care".

at least it will smell like some quality cuisine.
because that's how we do.
love you lew.


McCain Family said...

CRAP!!! I didn't realize it was Brandon's birthday or I would have sent him a card!! Sorry, Brandon! I'll put it on my calendar from now on:)

Happy birthday!

Nice socks.

Sara said...

That's probably the most accurate description of Walmart I've ever heard.

Happy birthday, blogging husband!

Wagars said...

Since I'm a list person, here goes:

1. 35 used to sound so old but as i approach it, not so much. He doesn't look 35 anyway. Clearly he's stuck at 32.

2. Is he growing his hair out like you wanted. Man you have him on a tight leash...good girl.

3. You are the queen of extremely tight pants. But, if I looked that good in them, i'd wear them too. Although I don't know where i'd buy them because I don't think they are sold in TC.

Lovs you and Lew

Carl said...

What I love is that I know Heather picked the most random incompetent weirdo to take the picture. I can almost guarantee that he/she probably had at the most 4 teeth and more than likely had a grocery cart full of beer, hot pockets, and diapers. There has to be a picture somewhere that Heather took with the person soon after the picture was taken. I think I know you too well.

Megan Marie said...

love this post. you are a hot babe. i'd love to fake swim in the grass with you!

Nishant said...

Happy birthday!
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