Tuesday, March 30, 2010

-my "fresh to death" child

in fear of taking away from the amazingness of jo's wedding,
i decided to make this post separate.
because although i was blown away with the beauty and effort that went into everything last weekend, i have to take credit for my favorite part of the festivities:
we realized brooks can dance.
not only does he have the moves (including a new break dance hand spin move we've never seen before)- he's not afraid to show them off.
our baby danced, made requests (boom boom pow, ima be and who let the dogs out), and literally torn that place up for 2 straight hours. he refused to let me sit and enjoy some conversation with my fellow dining guests or a bite of that gorgeous wedding cake.
he had 1 thing on his mind.
and that was some shaking and grooving.
with his momma.

pulling him off the dance floor- kicking and screaming- was
probably my proudest moment of motherhood.

so bummed we didn't capture a picture of him in full effect!


Sara said...

I am bummed. I want to see the little rug-cutter in action.

Carl said...

Maybe when you come up to Utah (if ever) Hayden can sing and Brooks can get down. That may be too much fun!

Wagars said...

He'll have to have a dance off with Kamri. Every time she hears gansta rap (which is everyday in our house) she puts one hand up and bounces her whole body. Like a gansta! And she also says "shake your booty, shake your booty".

Tayson is working on his moves. Although he told me the other day the song on the radio was "ima be" which I didn't even know that was what it was called.

Blake is a lost cause. He is a horrible dancer...and knows it!

Nishant said...

That may be too much fun!
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