Wednesday, June 29, 2011

-hand a 4 year old a camera and......

he'll direct a shoot.
in every pose.
even my face expressions.
we mounted my nikon to a tripod and he was too funny bending over to look through the little window. he freaked out when i tried to make it easy for him and switch it into live view.
i wish i was in his brain.
i want to know brooks's thoughts and the process behind them.
i want him to know how much he's loved.
i want to know if i'm doing enough as his momma to stimulate his creativity and encourage his strengths.
i want him to be happy.

these pictures were taken before we came up to washington.
i have nothing to blog about.
my brain is completely shut off.
and i cancelled all of my photo shoots up here to prevent it from powering up again.
i'm choosing to refuel by walking in the wind, eating tacos and watching movies in bed.
this may take a while.


prettybaby said...

those pics are priceless! yes definitely take a breather, just don't eat the tacos in the wind. when my brain shuts down i tell myself to "just enjoy it" and then go stare in the mirror blankly for about 3 minutes. xx

A and C said...

just make sure you walk into the wind after you eat the tacos!