Monday, June 6, 2011

-jethro gillespie

it finally came.
i "traded" the gillespie family for this family portrait.
i took picture of their pretty faces and jethro made us this:
he really doesn't even know us.
he asked for a simple description of each family member so this is what i sent him:

Brooks- wants to be a good boy but isn't an annoying tattle tail. He's a leader with his friends and loves animals and learning about animals. Major momma's boy but looks exactly like his papa. Sweeter than candy.

Ade- our little ham. athletic and silly. Idolizes brooks and his daddy. Extremely independent and as charming as brandon. Ade loves to move his body and talk to anyone that'll listen. He also has camel eyelashes.

Brandon- he's a passionate entrepreneur, making money but rarely spending it. He's reserved but loves people that aren't. He's extremely charming but never cheesy. More of a scholar than a know it all.

me- My biggest fear is being invisible. I know everyone but have very few close friends. My need for attention is mildly satisfied by taking pictures, creating things, making people laugh and writing.

this portrait means everything to us.
jethro is so talented and should be charging 10 times what he does.
visit his blog for more examples of his work.
wouldn't you love to see his interpretation of your family?


libbie said...

LOVE it. I want one. BAD.

ArizonaLewis said...

oh man libbie!
i would LOVE to see your family.
he's seriously super inexpensive... for now.
fingers crossed!

Robyn said...

I'm so glad you liked it. When we showed Carl he got so excited, and told us that Brandon likes plants and gardening, and the pots were perfect. It is my favorite of his paintings yet!

Carl said...

We love it Hev! It's our 2nd favorite behind our own. I love that Jethro painted Brooks with a halo. I didn't notice that until I saw the close up. That fits his description perfectly. Jethro is awesome and so is his family. If you find a bunch of people that want their families painted let me know and I'll talk to him.

brian and thera tolman said...

That is really beautiful, so unique and fun. I love it!

audrey lasalle said...


Britt Hunter said...

What a cool piece of art! Guess it's really more than art, more like a family treasure. I also really enjoyed reading the description of yourself. Intriguing, my dear...very intriguing. xxoo

1 Funky Woman said...

Brilliant, a piece to treasure forever! I kinda want one too, :)