Thursday, June 9, 2011


he walked into the room and i knew he was there before i even saw him.
i tried to control my nerves by being funny.
i said "oh good. i'm glad you sat there. i need to test the lighting before william shows up".
he smiled.
and then i said "i'd hate to let my nerves and excitement interfere with my ability to take a decent picture".
he said "i'm glad i could help".
and then he smiled again.
i said "i'm a pretty big fan but i don't want to come across that way when he does get here. i really don't want to look like an idiot".
he said "i'm sure he'd understand. take your time".
and then we sat in near silence.
i click off about 10 frames and would occasionally ask him to look at me or to not look at me.
he obliged and seemed absolutely comfortable in the silence with a silly girl and her camera.
people started showing up and i was instantly hit with reality.
how long were we even in there?
why didn't i ask him the millions of questions i had about his music/lyrics/life?
did i even get anything that completely captured the moment?
i kept taking pictures -although i had a really hard time focusing.
he was awesome.
and then before i left to get ready for the show he said "hey. don't you want a picture together?"
and i said "oh yes! of course. but i don't want it to look like the average fan shot".
he said "what does that mean?"
i said "i want you to act like you know me. like- we're friends or something".
he said "sure. like this?"
yep. exactly like that.

i realize i didn't put my ugly arizona lewis watermark on any of these.
it's because it was too distracting.
so please don't steal.


Jess said...

she shoots.
she scores.

Robyn said...


Carl said...

3rd picture from the bottom is the most epic picture of a beard I've ever seen. I know people overuse the word epic these days but it truly is the only word to describe it.

audrey lasalle said...


Britt Hunter said...

Super star! You, not him. xxoo