Wednesday, June 1, 2011

-shalom chaverim

so that went fast.
brooks is our little jewish preschooler and we couldn't be more proud.
besides learning how to write his name and color EVERYTHING in orange, brooks baked challah every friday and learned the true meaning of all of the million jewish holidays. we LOVED it. brooks recognized halfway through the school year that his mormon life was actually different than his friends and made sure to tell me who was and wasn't jewish in our daily casual conversations.

brandon and i loved going to the temple's holiday and shabbat services.

i always made sure to sit next to a pre-teen so they could explain what was happening at my level. so many beautiful traditions.
look at those nuggets:

ms. nancy:
and ms. karen
brooks had the most amazing teachers that showed him lots of love every week.
i cried like an idiot on his last day.
i realized how much they loved me too- always listening to my lame stories about how busy i think i am and how stressful my great life is. they were too too kind. oy.

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brian and thera tolman said...

So precious. Love that little cultured kid