Monday, May 30, 2011

-my best memorial day weekend.

bumble bee is for my family too.
they got so sick of hearing about it and decided it was high time to see for it for themselves.
and wouldn't you know- within the first 5 minutes we found a crab bug, big horned cow with its' calf and lots of blue dragon flies. i told you it was heaven.
my boys (brandon included) were in serious need of some outside play time.
the kind that makes your fingernails dirty, covers you in bug bites and gives you a bloody scratch or two.
they built stuff with sticks and threw rocks at bridges.
the best part about our day in bumble bee was that there was ZERO whining.
they forgot to fight with each other too.
and they really only cried with the crab bug got away and when we made them stand in the long itchy reeds for a family photo. (ps- it was kinda fun to hit the button and then sprint 50 yards to pose before the shutter snapped. the outtakes were fantastic).

this family is happy.
and feeling refilled, refreshed and ready for more summer fun.

ps-i just reread this and want to vomit with the generic commentary. if i wasn't so burned out by other photography stuff i'd write all about the car ride up with a surprise jackson beaver (justin bieber) mixed tape i made for the boys and their attempts to sing every single word. i'd also write about brandon's patty melt at Byler's amish kitchen and my new dangerous photography location i explored with brooks on my back. i needed him close to me so we could sprint within a split second when the I Am Legend mutants start chasing us. it was THAT sketchy and i'm stoked to shoot there.


DJCK incorporated said...

Best Memorial Day ever? Hmmph. How about all those movie days with Amberly Peterson? How quickly we forget.

Kelly Mo said...

Outtakes, please. ;)

audrey lasalle said...

those babies are beautiful lew.
ps. why are you leaving me?