Wednesday, May 18, 2011

-the lawrence family

this was one of the most touching shoots i've ever done.
i've known tyson since high school but we really haven't been in touch since then.
it was so sweet to see him again, after all these years, as a daddy of 2 little girls.
he's so sensitive and sweet with his daughters and beautiful wife chi.
he's become the man his dad would've wanted him to be.

song "afterall" by william fitzsimmons.

ps- vimeo is still making my pictures fuzzy. any suggestions?


Ken said...


Kelly Mo said...

Try "sharpening for web" in your photo editing program. Need more info just call!

Robyn said...


MSB said...

Wow! I wish you could come to VA after Scout is born...but, it is a bit longer of a flight than to CA!

Nielsens said...

you are so talented mrs. lewis!

jack n molly said...

I die every time I look at a shoot you do. Loved the shots from overhead with mom and baby. And big sis with her hat on the stairs. You are so rad.

jack n molly said...
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