Friday, May 13, 2011

-a hem

(this is me in my monkey jammies in utah. i'm hiding from my trip)

just got home from utah.
not the best of times.
i have a few high 5's to give but more than a few apologies to make.

thanks for loving us. thanks for the effort you all made in coming to see us and our growing boys. thanks for the chicken farm tour, pot roast, shot gun at the kitchen table, time spent cuddling the boys, music exchange hour, talks about the future, brilliant nieces and nephews, laughs about bow and arrow hunting and all of the familial attention.
sorry we didn't have more time. there's never enough time. and sorry we ran out of there without properly saying goodbye.

thanks for the work out in your home, lunch for 5 with food for 20, toy store tour, face time, dressing room madness and being so hot that you're asked if you're my sister.
sorry for the 2 year old's barf on your carpet, not being able to make that amazing lunch date with you and katie, leaving a day early and not returning your red barf bowl. (it's in orem).

carl and devin-
thanks for coming and getting us, pretending the chorus of lewis coughing wasn't disgusting, having an amazing home that's comfortable and full of love, creating hayden- the sweetest little gumdrop and for letting us sleep over at the last second.
sorry for infecting you all with what may just be the black lung, spilling hot pink medicine all over your carpet, talking too much about how the kids act when they're not sick and not having enough money to take us all to puerto rico. yet.

thanks for driving the late night hours, giving the boys your crackers and fancy tooth picks, pointing out the deer to help me avoid hitting it, liking every place we ate and never complaining about the music i insisted on listening to.
sorry for forgetting you were there during our domestic disputes, all of the coughing in the closed car for 12 hours there and 12 hours back, brandon's inability to speak in the 1st person and my constant complaining about the trip.

robyn and jethro-
thanks for living in the most picturesque area of utah, having beautiful children, being flexible with my bi-polar schedule and proposing our "trade".
sorry for my dirty mouth, handing your child my heirloom squeeker, taking your left over medicine and showing no reserve in stealing every piece of art i could find in your basement.


buddens said...

Sorry it was such a rough trip!

Where are those last pictures from? It is GORGEOUS!

Robyn said...

I am sorry it was rough, but really happy we got to see you, and that you got to take our pictures!! Come back to the "swiss alps" anytime :)

LuLu said...

How lucky for me to be considered your sister since you're so super hot. And I swear Katie and I did NOT order enough food to feed a polygamist family.
Also, does it make you feel better to know that Hudson yacked on my floor yesterday?