Saturday, May 21, 2011

-a boring post about weather and pictures i took.

in arizona, people talk about the weather nonstop.
it's kinda funny to me. i do it too. it's an instant connection with strangers.
at the gas pump to some random man:
me- "it's gorgeous today"
him- "god bless it. but not for much longer"
me- "no kidding!!"
big smiles and we both get back into our cars feeling totally connected.

at the fish fry in black canyon city to a harley davidson couple:
them: "we moved here from new england for the weather"
me: "so you don't mind the heat?"
them: "we'll take the heat any day over the winters in new hampshire"
me: "i hate the cold too"
laughs and tartar sauce covered smiles all around.

i've totally turned into my mother. i wake up in the morning and turn on the tv to check out the week's forecast even though i kinda already know because i checked it yesterday and the day before. but it seems weird to get dressed without the daily update. tshirt and flip flops or tshirt and flip flops??

i'm getting old.

anyways- here's some pictures of pretty people in bumble bee, az......

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audrey lasalle said...

lew doll, who's that gorgeous lady in the first pic? hot damn!