Monday, May 2, 2011

-i just saw heaven. and my knees are wet.

this is the happiest i've ever seen myself in a picture:
and all it took was this:
i did a couple shoots in bumble bee this weekend. (duh).
it was windy and beautiful and extra perfect this time.
i took a new photo friend with me.
on our way home we decided to get out of the car with our cameras and explore for a bit.

i've been sitting here trying to figure out a poetic way to explain this little spot and there just really aren't words to describe the feelings i had while kneeling in the mud, clicking frame after frame of sun soaked perfection. sigh.

we stopped at byler's amish kitchen on the way home for the saturday prime rib special.
and then for coconut cream pie.
i will be back this week.
for the new spot and more pie.
and for an extra helping of complete happiness and the content feeling that comes with all of my little trips to the bumbles of the bees.


audrey lasalle said... babies.
when we going for pics?

Jess said...

When are you going this week. I wanna come. You can shoot my face again. I'll bring props.

Britt Hunter said...

I love the happy picture of you. xxoo

Brooke Ann said...

Makes me wish I could bring the family down to AZ for our pictures!

teamBoo said...

you DO look happy! and a little bit like you are about to wet yourself, no? which can be completely related in my world ;)