Friday, May 6, 2011


picture by jamie peachey
how about a recap of the fam:

brandon's busy.
he's finally rolling with his new company which has put that spark back in his eyes.
the spark that reminds him that he married a totally hilarious woman and that a messy car isn't the end of the world. he's taught the boys how to spar and only ends it when i walk into the room responding to some blood curdling scream.

i've been busy too. filled to the brim with photography.
thank heavens for our sisterwives- ellen, amanda, julie, marlee and alyssa. and by sisterwives i mean chicks that watch the boys, unload my groceries, referee the sparring, do my dishes and endure the pregnancies i'm too busy for. jk on that last part. but a girl can dream.

brooks told me this week he wanted a "remote control soap thing because when you you touch the pump on the top of the soap you get germs".
it's recently come to my attention that brooks not only watches a lot of tv but he also memorizes it (one of the unfortunate results of having so many sisterwives). he's a total sucker for infomercials. apparently the hands free liquid soap dispenser people know how to appeal to their 4 year old viewers. but that's not it- he also told me yesterday that he needs a mosquito repeller to hang from his pants and added "don't spray it on, click it on!!" but the best one was when he was sitting on his closet floor reading books- quietly singing "nationwide is on your siiiiiide" to himself. little sponge. needs a little more time at the zoo i guess.

and then there's ade. he doesn't watch tv because he's too busy following me around crying or destroying the house. yesterday he licked the blue frosting off a cupcake and then crumbled the cake part through the entire house as he gave our neighbor, owen, a tour. every room. crumbs. i hope owen enjoyed my closet, the inside of the front guest bathroom's shower and the view from under ade's bed. ade's everywhere and especially everywhere i am. i'm learning how to make a bed with a 2 year old jumping on it at the same time and how to brace myself for the automatic piggyback rider i take on anytime i bend down to pick up something off the floor.

i just reread all of that and feel like i need to remind myself that the boys aren't neglected, brandon's a loving and supportive husband, and that i'm living a life full of things i thought were only day dreams. we are happy.


prettybaby said...

beautiful family photo! you are gorgeous, you look like you just got pulled away from your modeling job to go take a brezzy photo with your loves.

love the bit about your son memorizing commercials.
my son obsesses about logos. he is only 3 so he can't read but the whole car ride he calls out logos as they come... "brugar king!" "chilees!" "macdonalds!" you get the picture. it's pretty funny unless i'm crazy-bear hungry.

prettybaby said...

i meant "breezy" photo.

i have no idea what a "brezzy" photo is.

ArizonaLewis said...

i thought brezzy was how you say breezy in australian. thanks chicky. you're rad.

Carl said...

I was just laughing at Hayden last night as I watched her with Devin's phone watching youtube videos singing, "No one, but Donald Duck YEAH!"

audrey lasalle said...

love that pic and love you

Taya said...

I love this photo, its so beautiful and calm!

1 Funky Woman said...

Too funny about him wanting the bug thingy that hangs on your pants and the soap dispenser. Hey it sounds like if you got them for him he would use them! I say go for it at least you know he is washing his hands!

My son is crazy when it comes to those infomercials and he is 11, crazy crazy!

Fantastic family picture of you all!