Tuesday, May 17, 2011

-listy listerson

don't got no time for nothing but being a mama and photos.
here's a list for record keeping sake:
-i found at the end of the day that it was guinea pig food down my pants that caused me to constantly itch.
-ade found me asleep on the couch after church and when i opened my eyes i saw his face covered in chocolate. brandon had been yelling "ade, lick your lips!" over and over again. he whispered to me "mom- you lick my lips".
-we took the boys to a diamondbacks game. boring. we bought them $25 worth of diamondbacks crap. SO FUN!!
-i'm so stupid sick- my bones ache and when i bend over i get a horrific cough. it makes bending over more dramatic.
-i cleaned the house today. i miss the mexilez cleaners luna and isella. they can do in 5 hours what i try to do in 14.
-i did my first 1 day location shoot in pleasanton, ca. fly in, take pictures, eat sandwich, fly out. it made me very, very happy.
-brooks and ade look like a ball of blonde squirrels when they fight. so much motion and screaming. it's hard to intervene because i don't want to lose an eye.
-i haven't worked out since i was in lu's basement in utah. oy.
-i have 5 shoots to edit before tomorrow afternoon.
-that's not going to happen.

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