Sunday, June 19, 2011

-i know a name- a glorious name

to truly know me is to know my father.
it's because of him i have a problem with reverence and seriousness.
this is a man that sings "i'm not drunk, i'm just drinkin" on the way to church and then 15 minutes later completely rocks the complicated tenor part in the church choir's rendition of "peace be still".
he's loving but not mushy,
extremely intelligent but quite simple,
rowdy but obedient,
and incredibly young at heart for a 62 year old body.

i'm such a lucky girl to have this man as the one in the bleachers at all of my basketball games, the one giving me priesthood blessings throughout childhood, the one encouraging my confidence and the one buying my boys baby size lawn chairs.
happy father's day DJMC.
i love everything about you.

ps- seriously though. my dad can sing.


Jess said...

Oh Dennis, now I'm all weepy.

So the bees knees.

LuLu said...

You are so lucky! For reals.

tiff and jay. said...

I LOVE your orange dress!!!