Tuesday, June 9, 2009

-dance til you're dead

dave and i have been on a yeah yeah yeahs quest for 3 years.
and now it is over.
last time they were here we missed it because of a fight.
the one and only fight we've ever had.
i ended up giving birth the next day and now, 2 kids, a full lds mission served and an innumerable amount of dance parties in the kitchen later, we made it.
it was so amazing and i think karen o impregnated my little brother with her sweetness.
btw- if you ever get the opportunity to see your band at the marquee theater- go.
you're so close, you can bottle trent reznor's sweat if you'd like. i did a couple years ago.
for a calendar, click here.


libbie said...

i'm so unhip i have no idea who the yeah yeah yayhoo's are. its no big surprise really, when all i get to listen to is Hannah Montanna and occasionally taylor swift if i'm lucky. and if i'm REALLY lucky, my kids are awful in the car and i punish them by ME getting to listen to talk radio. that's my fave.

LOVE the blue shoes. i'm sure the red ones are in style too, but like i said . . . i'm so unhip . . .i wouldn't know!

PS . . . no room for zucchini. my little box garden was just too dang small. you can bet i have cucumbers in there though.

Carl said...

Gosh I am jealous. That would've been a fun one to go to. There are some good ones coming here but I have no one to go with. Taking Back Sunday, Incubus, Jack's Mannequin, The Dead Weather. That is what I get for living 9 hours away from EVERYONE in my family.

Steve and Shell said...


Steve and Shell said...

p.s. steve is jealous that dave resembles zach efron. i think thats steves (and my) boy crush.

Brooke said...

I'm feeling a little unhip right about now, too... but looks like an amazing night!

Sandy said...

I saw Prince in a small venue a long time ago- it was kind of like a theatre and it was insane. He called all the ushers on stage to dance.

I LOVE those blue shoes.
And your new blog header.
And your hair.
So, I may officially be stalking your blog now. Ha!

Carolyn said...


they were sold out when i checked. its coo though....i think i returned some stuff to Target that night so, it all worked out.