Tuesday, June 30, 2009


we finally made it to the Hall of Flame.
it's the largest fire fighting museum in the world.
i wonder where the 2nd largest is?
it was pretty cool except for one thing- it wasn't cool. meaning, the swamp coolers were billowing out a humid 95 degree fog. my goodness. these antiques must like the museum to feel like you're walking around in some one's mouth.
anyways, we really liked it.
my grandpa was a fire fighter for the long beach fire department. i've always been so proud of that. wait until brooks realizes he's one eighth fireman!

this little model was set up to remind us not to smoke in bed.
and also not to fall into the kitchen below when jumping out of bed.

only you can prevent forest fires

and only you can prevent man sized bear gunthers.

time for some treats from mill avenue.
a tapioca-less honeydew flavored boba for brooks
turquoise leather flavored sandals for mom

here is an unedited picture for my father.

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Lucrecia said...

All really great shots! You have a very good eye Heather :)