Thursday, June 25, 2009

-the worst book ever written

the worst because there has never been a story full of more despair and absolute horror ever created in the universe. i picked it up yesterday at 10am. around midnight- i skipped the last 40 pages and read the last 4. i could not handle the freaking nightmare any longer.
i cried and felt like throwing up the entire day.
cormac mccarthy is one of the most amazing writers of our time.
hopefully, he's not also a Nostradamus.


Broadobalds said...

Oh no! All the Pretty Horses is one of my favorite books. I assume this one is not about Pretty Horses?

DJCK incorporated said...

It's time you got yourself a good Edward Abbey book and started enjoying the area where you live. I would recommend the Monkey Wrench Gang--you will never look at Glen Canyon Dam the same way again!!

Carl said...

Easily in my top five. I think any book that can emotionally effect you for days deserves to be placed up on a pedestal. Cormac McCarthy is a geniu and one of my all time favorite authors behind John Steinbeck.