Friday, June 26, 2009

-let's get to know each other


hey look! here's a picture of me without a bra on.

is this enough?

now will you kindly sign in?

guest book to the right.


Carolyn said...

So then, you were the only attractive person in history that worked on a radio show. If i had a picture like this of me, I'd hang it front and center on my mantle.

Don't give up on the movie project! You can borrow adam for a night to get us out of your system, then it's back to business ;)

Broadobalds said...

You totes cut out the best part. But then, that would make some of your constituents upset.

ahc said...


Kelly Mo said...

I know the lovely gent who took this picture. He sure is a peach. ;) We grew up together! Anyway, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Kelly! I was a fan of your show and somehow stumbled upon your blog. OH! I was the Baby Boot Camp gal who sent you all the goodies when Brooks was born. Nice to meet you!

Lucrecia said...

Whoa! You look crazy hot in this picture! Sheesh! :)

Teej said...

Are those Pioneer headphones? I can't tell because the bottom of the photo is cut off.

ArizonaLewis said...

yes they're headphones.
this picture was taken for 944 magazine for a radio award i won.
i have the original hanging on my wall with the picture showing down to my knees.
i'm not going to take it off the wall and scan it.
this was one the magazine offered online. the original is much much better and my boyfriend, jamie peachey took it.
love him