Friday, June 26, 2009

-cmop is gr8

audrey told me it was great. and she was right. i love it when people don't get all overly dramatic about things they like. i need to work on that.
children's museum of phoenix is great.
it's clean.
it's indoors.
it's full of smart looking parents.
it makes me feel less guilty about letting brooks watch "a bug's life" on repeat for 2 days straight.
we went all in and got the season pass.
next time i'm going to wear my intelligent looking glasses. when in rome.

this is my FAVORITE part.
this little house has been painted a different color everyday for exactly one year now.
the crusty curled layers are so cool.
they save the chunks that fall off so you can see it all up close.
pretty great. right?

and one other thing.
we've got this tradition.
we found that nothing goes better with a morning full of creative learning and imaginary play than a garbage flavored happy meal and some momma juice.


Sandy said...

your boys are utterly adorable. and i just wish they had a place like that here for kids....maybe they do.

Julia said...

That looks like fun!