Wednesday, June 3, 2009


look at those knees. you're going to be 6'7 someday and forget all about ever having a mother.
don't grow up naughty toddler.
i'll endure another 60 years of chopstick stabs to the ear hole and a countertop covered in rotting fruit if it means i can still rock you to sleep every night.
i love you and your independence.
one day you'll be speaking in full sentences with a vocabulary as thick as your hair and i will smile and remember this current stage.
this stage where you yell "mines" and only i can translate your version of the words elephant and candy cane.
and although suffocating at times, never lose your need for me.
even if it's just a small sting in the very corner of your mind, i pray you always feel separation anxiety for me.
the one who puts away your shoes every night.
the one who lives for holding your hand on walks.
the one who buys you green snow cones at the zoo.
the one who hears your voice through the walls.
the one who loves you endlessly.
you naughty toddler.


Lucrecia said...

Thanks for the reminder Heather. I do love my kids even when they knock over the trash from wrestling or half-drink ALL of the soda's in the garage refrigerator. You're absolutely right. I need to savor these years. Much love to you!

ahc said...

right this minute i am jealous of your banner.

McCain Family said...

He'll always remember you. Even during the teen years when he acts like you don't exist, we all know secretly he will think you are the coolest girl in the world. You are a great mom!

Carolyn said... don't even need me...your banner rocks.

and that 1st dino picture is maybe my favorite dinosaur picture ever. and i love this tribute to your Brooks, and your legs are so tiny, and i'm starting to think you and your rising awesomeness is getting super annoying.

kids are funny cause you still love them after they hide their poo logs in the linen closet and wipe the rest in pictures on the wall. It might even make me love them