Sunday, June 21, 2009

-em eye see kay eee why

we're home!
and not a moment of last week's disneyland
extravaganza was wasted.
not even a second.
-the boys loooved the week of dancing characters and unlimited nap-less grandma time.
-as the so-cal native, grandma was the best disney tour guide. i couldn't get enough of her nostalgic stories.
-brandon kept busy fighting the mickey money drain. he may have bugged the living hell out of me with all his acts in the name of frugality but we did save $5000 a day eating homemade sandwiches and avoiding most toy stores.
-and i came to the conclusion that there's no greater place on earth to watch people, of every nationality, publicly and unabashedly fight with their family members in front of an audience of over 50,000 people.

seriously- people have noooo problem screaming at their spouse, nose to nose, in every imaginable language, about "fixing your attitude" or "knocking it off" or my favorite "tampoco! tampoco!" i must be seriously twisted because i couldn't get enough of the domestic disputes.

so if there's something to learn from the sociology pitre of a dish disneyland it is that everyone in this world has 2 things in common:
1. husbands and wives drive each other nuts on vacations
2. everyone loves a churro
and now for some pictures:
my mother really is the best grandma/mother/mother-in-law

that hat. the best $20 we've ever spent.

our happy ade.

brooks finally met stitch. it was a VERY big deal for us. i actually cried.
ade and lilo.

ok. so i had to throw in this picture.
this is how we felt after 5 mornings of breakfast buffets.
big, sweaty and british.


Kat said...

I seriously love your new hair cut. Can't get over it. glad you had a fun trip! smart to avoid the toy stores and eat your own food. They seriously rob people with their prices and stores after every ride!

Tiff G. said...

The pic's of Brooks and Ade with Lilo and Stitch are sooo cute! The looks on their face are priceless! It looked like so much fun!
I'll visit DL vicariously through your visits b/c if it were up to Dave we'd never go, he thinks its the most evil place in the world. No surprise. But, I'll make him go and come hell or high water he'll like it!!
How were the churro's?

Brooke said...

Looks like you had fun. Our favorite part of Disney World last summer was seeing the kids' reaction to the characters... seriously priceless! Pure joy.

libbie said...

i have GOT to take my kids there someday. maybe when i can ever get a grip on my life . . . . or else i will be one of "those" couples screaming nose to nose . . . . .i do love those type. there's an abundance of them at Walmart on Hwy 395.

Steve and Shell said...

i love that close up of ade! maybe you should take a family trip to NYC! dont you crave a little shake shack? (its better than in-in-out and you know it!)

Sandy said...

i would kill for your little guy's lashes.