Sunday, July 5, 2009

-and the rockets red glare

we knew the day was going to be amazing when the first picture we took looked like this:

the babies stopped barfing and
started laughing....

this was the group of people we were going to be enjoying it with:

and my photo sensei was on hand for nonstop camera geek talk:

this year's 4th was perfect.
we drove up to prescott with the broadbents x's 2 for a day of antiquing, eating,
rodeo-ing and crotch pointed dancing.
move over pancake eat off,
i think we've found our new tradition.

the antiquing was pretty awesome.
and we did come to one MAJOR conclusion:
toddlers and antique stores
are a horrible combination.
their screaming and destructive nature turns out to be a major boner shrinking distraction from my laced cake stand,tri-fold screen hunt.
we did happen to find some things to dream about. and some to try to never ever think about ever again. hopefully.

have you ever eaten anything soo good it hurts? the cobbler at porky's was equivalent to grinding your knuckles on a cheese grater. that's a compliment.

and now for the main course:
The Prescott Rodeo

it is the oldest rodeo in the world and if i had enough guts, i would have face pushed the usher to stand along the guard rails and take some gnarly bull riding pictures.
but i didn't because i'm a lover, not a fighter.
and i didn't want to get any dirtier than i already was.

and what to my wondering eyes should appear?
it's team boo! an explosion of colliding blogger amazingness.

in the end, we missed the firework shows due to sleepy babies and another 45 minutes of crotch pointed dancing in the dark rodeo arena.
so we made our own fireworks.
happy birthday usa.
thanks for peach cobbler,
justin timberlake and rodeos.
(we invented horses here didn't we?)

for a good time, click here.


Rose Red said...

Great pictures. Your blog is awesome.

Carl said...

You were missed this weekend but I am glad to see that you still had a good time.

candace said...

I love your blog! I'm a fellow photographer as well. Your header/banner is gorgeous!

brandi milne said...

Yes, watch the poop!! Great pictures!!

Come see me sometime!!

Broadobalds said...

Best. Day. Ever.

Yi said...

hello. glad to see you had a good day. your blog is really great, it's set out really well and the photography is brilliant. i think i'll follow

Sandy said...

yep, sounds like a perfect day (minus the screaming toddlers and excessive piles of poop). did you bring anything home from the antique shop? do tell!!

the mama monster said...

i think i like you...alot

Brittany said...

your blog is fantastic and your pictures are truly stunning. so glad your 4th was so great.

p.s. i LOVE antiquing too.