Wednesday, July 29, 2009

-cuss cuss cuss words.

here's the scene:
car keys in hand, lip gloss on, tight jeans zipped, blood fueled with premium caffeine, 2 babysitters in position, hand on the door to the garage and......................................
2 little boys, with tears dripping off their chins, crying for their momma.

i had to cancel my amazing date with myself tonight because separation anxiety got the best of the Lewis babies. after my 2 week stint as a single parent with an overworked and stressed out spouse that finally took himself to mexico, i felt i looong deserved a night out alone.

all i need in life is 3 simple things:
1) a pedicure in dark gray
2) a baby free meal in a restaurant with an overly attentive waiter and
3) harry potter.

instead, i got:
1) an evening at costco with 2 crazy little men running up and down the canned tomato products aisle
2) a mediocre spinach salad with baby hands reaching in the bowl between each fork stab and
3) a toddler that refuses to go to bed and is currently laying on the office loveseat watching me type this at 11:11pm.

i'm frustruated. i'm tired. i'm really missing me. and i'm such a sucker for sobbing babies that look like their daddy.

i have to take it out on someone. i think i'm going to really stick it to mother nature. that's right. no recycling all tomorrow. that should make me feel better for a day.

there's always tomorrow. maybe the boys will get over it and realize mommy really needs time with herself before she starts pulling out her eyelashes one at a time. but probably not. i just noticed that brooks fell asleep on the couch and i've got exactly 8 hours to myself. i should probably sleep but i wonder if they notice if i snuck out for the midnight show?

here's some old pictures of me to keep this from being a pictureless post.
one is of me laughing at something. and the other is of me trying to look sexy.
both are of me looking retarded.


Wagars said...

I'm sorry you missed out on your date-yourself night. I'm a hardened mother of three... i leave my crying babies because I know they stop eventually. Don't worry - pubescent Harry will still be waiting for you. (that's what she said)

McCain Family said...

You're such a good mommy. You will have your alone date 20 years. just kidding.

Seriously, you do great with those kids.

p.s. those pictures are great....especially the sexy one. ahhhh yea.

Kelly Mo said...

I hope that the next day was better. I want to see Harry Potter, too!