Sunday, July 12, 2009

-please, please don't faint

it's my dad's birthday.
he's 61.
this week he spent $200 on tickets to go see the american idol tour.
no..... that's not right.
he spent $200 to see adam.
and my mother told me his voice was horse after the show.
just thinking about that makes me smirk.

and i quote:

"Yeah, Allison, then Gokey did well. Everyone then knew the next performer and when the lights went out, they started stomping on the floors until there was quite a rumble. Then, the stage lights started going crazy and everyone got on their feet and screamed their heads off before we even saw anyone! Sure enough, next comes the main riff for Whole Lotta Love and whatever energy we had left was directed to the stage as the most impressive rock star in the last 15 years walks out and starts jamming. It became exhausting for us 60 year olds to pour this all out. When Allison ran out to sing Slow Ride with Adam, I nearly fainted."

rock on dad.


McCain Family said...

awesome. simply awesome.

Mandy said...

That is so, so cute.