Friday, July 31, 2009

-super arizona

i went a little nuts on ebay last month and bought a bunch of super hero costumes.
they've looked so lonely hanging in the closet because a 2 year old REFUSES to wear them.
it was time to teach brooks what i'm made of.
i went into the garage dressed as mommy and came out dressed as a mommy trying to not vomit from the smell of the inside of the spiderman mask.
i don't think he's ever been so proud.
look at that face.
it was an action packed 43 minutes.
but baby brother can only take so many super chops to the thigh.

ps- hello jon manley. thanks for being patient while i write this post.
i owe you an evening of mexican coke, stories from the radio past and lots of inside jokeness.


Sara said...

You are one cool Mom.

Julianne said...

I think I may need to borrow that spiderman suit, Tyler and Jack would go crazy.