Sunday, August 2, 2009

-a side note of business

I'm coming home!
When you're raised in Kennewick, Washington, you love the summers.
When you're raising you're babies in Tempe, Arizona and your parents still live in K-town,
you love the summers there even more.

Plane tickets have been bought and sweatshirts for the cool evenings are ready.
I'm so excited (said jumping up and down with my finger tips in my mouth).

While we're there, I will be taking family photos in some of the beautiful fields and orchards
that I still consider home.
I have 3 spots left.
If you'd like to get your family photos done between
August 19 and September 1
in the Tri-Cities area, please send me an email:
We can discuss pricing and locations and why Jillian chose Ed over Reid.

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Carolyn said...

Take me with you.

A and C said...

dang. I/we will be there this week. Can't you change your plans?

DJCK incorporated said...

We're excited to maybe get to see you again. Now that you've made it public, we don't have our hopes set too high--between photo shoots and old friends you will be scarce. Maybe, however, we can have more Brooks and Ade time with your schedule.

Wagars said...

Uhm, are you still planning on fitting me into your schedule? Don't forget that I am taking a whole day off of billing people in need at $200 per hour. You ain't cheap at $1600 per day!! And please bring you Spiderman costume - Tayson will love you forever!