Friday, August 21, 2009

- there's no place like home

i'm from kennewick, washington.
it's not by seattle.
it's a place in eastern washington where the wind blows daily, there's a burger ranch with outstanding fry sauce and at any time, you could get stuck behind a 107 year old farmer driving his tractor down the road. (picture to be posted later).

i really love it here.
i love sleeping under a blanket quilted by my mother.
i love watching my babies spit crab apples at each other and run through the sprinklers in the front yard.
i love how the hills of sagebrush are golden during each sunset.
i love getting my toes done with my BF from high school.
and i really really love the feeling of being home.

that's all.
blogging to resume at full force when i'm finished with days full of lying on my back, eating grass, while listening to my parents be the best grandparents in the universe.
this could be a while.


MSB said...

The farmer comment makes it sound like we are from Ritzville!

Carl said...

See you in a couple of days!