Wednesday, August 5, 2009

-and not a moment too soon

that's what i'm talking about.
remember my whining 3 posts ago about not getting to go out?
well i made up for it.
damn right.
my lovely husband walked in the door at 8pm.
i walked out of the door at 8:02pm.
yes, i missed him but i was really going super crazy from the
single parent for 2 weeks stint.
crazy i say.
so when the opportunity presented itself-
(aka- daddy's home and he's the best/cheapest babysitter)
i flew that coupe like the cabin fevered chicken i was.
we've all been there. right?

and while brandon was trying to apply lotion to his sunburned back with both baby monitors cranked- staring at the empty pillow beside him, i was "de-stressing".

for starters, sushi at kona grill makes you feel like an adult.
it's ucky and so far from mac and cheese. i clapped when the waiter brought it.

the seaweed salad got a standing o.

the main ingredient to a non-momsy night:
priscilla and her green nail polish and cotton/patent leather ensemble.

and lastly-
i needed to dance.
this 31 year old needed some way to work off the week of living in snot crusted t-shirts and broke down flip flops. i need to sweat, act like an idiot and make priscilla laugh.

and just when i started thinking to myself
"i wonder if brandon would let me do this every saturday night?"
i stood behind this guy in line:
and all of those conclusions i came to about being too old/cool for scottsdale's nightclub scene
were reaffirmed simply by smelling the gallon of bad cologne on this guy's douchey bed sheet button down.

PS- we stopped in anthropologie before dinner.


McCain Family said...

Hot. Very hot. Do you think I could get away with the pants you were wearing? I LOVE them, but maybe only on you. What do you think?
I'm glad you had a moment of "you" time. We all do need that once in a while:)

Brooke said...

Hmmm. I think you should be some sort of life coach for stay-at-home-moms, clearly I have NO IDEA how to really have fun when I get a break, I could learn a lot from you! I was thrilled to get 20 minutes to myself and browse the racks at Old Navy the other day, then didn't buy anything because I refuse to dress my muffin top in anything remotely "new".

Love reading all about your adventures and beautiful photography! :)

ArizonaLewis said...

of course you could rock these pants dev! because you're 30lbs smaller and 100lbs sassier. xox

Rose Red said...

You are so beautiful!

I love your fun stories!

Broadobalds said...

I am jealous of how bendy Priscilla is. If I were that bendy I'd be pregnant by now. Shit.

I'm for sure joining you next time. But yes, I had a really fun night watching Cory and Tom reach the high scores on Call of Duty.

DJCK incorporated said...

I'm afraid if I was there I'd have to be saying, "Keep your @$@%#%@ shoes off the furniture." We get to say that every time a grandkid comes, so get Brooks and Ade ready. Thirty one, shmirty one.

Sandy said...

i seriously need a moment like this soon.
and smart of you to run out the door before you got stopped.