Sunday, August 23, 2009

-when i grow up, i wanna be shiny

i've been checking my facebook and emails from my dad's office computer while i'm home.
this room is full of things that make him happy.
on the top of his inbox i found his family christmas news letter from 1987.
here's his summary of me:

"Miss Congeniality-- still in the gifted program at Kennewick. Played basketball during the first of the year. Won a first runner-up to Laurel in one sewing even at the County Fair. We have to outlaw "Solid Gold" in our house because Heather picks up the moves too fast. Just what we need in this house-- a ten year old Solid Gold dancer."

it made me laugh.
good to know the roots of my leotard and heavy eyeliner obsession are based on pure 80's talent.


Steph Bowen said...

I'm not okay with those leotards. The moves are fantastic!

Tiff G. said...

Ahh, can't wait to see it in Mexico.