Sunday, August 9, 2009


you know those people that you hang out with and hope to be as cool as some day?
that's the cragheads.
i did all i could to keep them from seeing my true inner spazz.
they were really good at pretending that they didn't see it.

we did this shoot at the Farm in central phoenix.
it was perfectly them.

and may i introduce you to my new boyfriend, catcher.
an 18 month old in skinny girl jeans?
straight to my heart.

Click here for more photos

ps- stay tuned for photos using my other girlfriend.
mamiya c3.
pps- website to be up this week!
ppps- now booking for october and november.
deadline for christmas card family photos is november 7th.
sessions start at $250


Carl said...

That kid in the skinny jeans is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen. Sad when a 4 year old is more fashionable then I am.

Lucrecia said...

Nice rack Heather! ;) If I lived in AZ still I would have some killer Lew Photog hanging on my walls!