Monday, August 31, 2009


the final countdown (trumpets- da da da da. da da da da da)

i'm on my last 2 full days here in the great homeland and i'm starting to feel the choke hold of responsibilities and grandmaless days tightening it's grip and beckoning me from the starchy hot waves of the desert area we call home.

not yet ready to leave. i still haven't gone to the late night showing of harry potter 6 (ticket for one please) or indulged in my 2nd ultra unnecessary pedicure. how will i ever fit it all in?

here's my to do list waiting for me at home:
(i'm posting it as motivation to do laundry and start packing rather than lying on the floor with my arms wrapped around my mom's ankles crying through a mouth full of freshly picked white donut peaches, "don't make me get out of my sweats!!!")

-edit some BEAUTIFUL photo shoots of some LOVELY families
-get my photo website up and running
-find a swim suit for mexico
-potty train (the bane of my existence)
-catch up on project runway and top chef
-draft my tshirt graphics for new moon viewing
-get my butt kicked by the girls at the track
-blah. i'm bored just writing this. does summer vacation really have to end?

see ya in a few peeeeeeeeeeeenix.


Sara said...

I believe you will enjoy catching up on Project Runway. I feel it's a good start to the season.

boots said...

i have so much to do too! i should make a list! i guess its just that time of year, good luck!