Wednesday, August 12, 2009

-boots full of sweat

this is chandelle.
she found out about this photo shoot only an hour before it took place.
her sister wants her to make an album and figured she'd need a picture for the cover.
so- she's a talented singer, drop dead gorgeous and an impromptu model.
not intimidating at all because.........
i can squat on the middle of a dark and dirty canal and not get a single drop of wee on my running socks.
i guess we're all given our own talents.
click here for more photos.

and here's some behind the scenes footage.
even in 109 degree weather, sure footed galoshes keep the bugs out.


Wagars said...

Every once in a while you pull out some Fire Marshall Bill qualities that reminds me of why we became friends over 15 years ago. Must be the galoshes. If only you still had braces to hold your upper lip up ...

Lucrecia said...

I think you might have a career in stand up comedy :) Seriously, think about it...
So do you know that Rachel Bagley chick who lives in AZ and does cool classes on Body Type's and cleaning out your closet and shtuff? I kinda want to come out for it. But not if it's dumb!