Monday, August 17, 2009

-na na na na na na. you say it's your birthday

can you believe it?
me neither!

little ade has completed his first year of life-
and has 2,000 new teeth to prove it.
yippee for baby parties-
where the majority of the guests are being carried on a hip
and their tag along siblings are ripping through my linen closets.

pris & teagulls

nanny jamie & mia

THE CRUISERS: brody, van, ade, eliot, jack & teague

THE BRUISERS: owen, ryder, brooks, tyler, colton, jack

ade is a single bite one and done.
and when i say done, i mean pitched over the edge, frosting side down adding an extra 5 minutes of clean up to this mess of a shin-dig.

steph & els

mom friends with mom humor

and after an exhausting round of wheels on the bus my little baby ade found the best seat in the house.
a spot on uncle dave's lap.
(which, incredibly, was the calmest place in the house. are you getting an idea of the chaos yet?)


valerie said...

The babies are adorable.

But I have to admit...all I can stare at are your wooden floors! I LOVE THEM!

Such good photos.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy - love you!

McCain Family said...

AHHHHHHHH, he's not 1 already, is he? He is such a stud, and I'm not even kidding. Happy birthday, little Ade. We love you!

Julianne said...

Thanks for the fun time!

boots said...

HAHAHAHA -mom humor- love it - can't wait to get some someday!