Wednesday, August 5, 2009

-a different side of me, unfortch

Dear A-Hole Lawyer That Nearly Ruined My Photo Shoot,

It's a shame that a paranoid, insecure, weiner like you lives on such a lovely piece of property.
It's a shame that your mother's amazing rotten orange grove won't ever experience my lovely clients or my lovely self.
It's a shame that you chose to wear those basketball shorts and ill-fitted white shirt last Sunday.
It's a shame that you have no concept of polite greetings or any kind of greetings at all.
It's a shame that your wife is so beautiful and has to watch you flex your legal boner on innocent photographers because you don't like the "wording" in my waiver or my lack of insurance for those I photograph.
It's a shame that you live in such fear of losing your gold BMW.
And it's the biggest shame that you made me mad enough to even have to vent all of this on my blog.

We're never going to be friends.

PS- Anyone know of a nice orange farmer in Phoenix that wouldn't mind a silly girl living out her dreams in the middle of their property? I've been told I need a new location.


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Carl said...

I have to admit to having trouble reading your blog because I can't take my eyes off the picture you posted. It's amazing. I really thought it was an old woman at first but then I noticed that she was packing something other than a gun. It seems every time I look at that picture I see something new. Two thumbs up for finding a truly disturbing photo.