Friday, September 4, 2009

-time to get down to bid-nass

1. we're home. back in tempe.
2. it was a loooong trip home however, the switch from a 40 minute to a 4 hour layover in SLC was the best decision i've ever made.
3. i have a crap load of photo editing to complete before i can update this blog proper like.
4. stay tuned for "heather's top 10 things to love about kennewick".
5. go to team boo's blog to check out the most adorable pregnant woman while you're waiting.

1 comment:

DJCK incorporated said...

All I know is that one of my top 10 things to love about Kennewick has gone back to Tempe will all her posse. I miss her already (although I enjoy walking to the kitchen in my underwear again).