Friday, September 18, 2009

-owning it.

here's a couple of cute sleeping baby pictures for grandma and grandpa in kennewick.
you're welcome.

i have big ears.
i use to be so shy and nervous about people seeing my ears.
i've noticed- in editing this last shoot i did with my brother- that not only were my ears out,
i was practically flaunting them.
have i really come to that point in my life?
i'm 31 years old, i have big ears (the one featured above even has a bit of a point) and i love them.
own it.
i'm asking for comments featuring your perfect flaws.
no, i'm taking it further.
this is an official tag- to anyone ready for this stage of life.
i wanna see it and read about it on your site.
leave a comment when you've completed this assignment.
i hope we get some inverted nipple posts.

ps- my sister better comply. check here to see if she does.
pps- she doesn't have inverted nipples.


Steph Bowen said...

Because I'm first, may I have an award? I have accepted and cataloged all my flaws and chosen the one with which I would like to own.

Sara said...

Rats. I was hoping for some innies. Oh, well.

I have some flaws that I'm all over. I have ONE that I still haven't come to terms with. No, it's not my oddly shaped arse or the freckle I have right in the center of my forehead.

(sigh) I'll work on it and see what I come up with.

Addie Gaylord said...

first, i found your blog off of team boo and i love it. emmensely. spelled right? probably not but hey it's 845 am.
flaws, ah so many many to name it's horrible. in fact i am going to be addressing these flaws here shortly, with a little of intervention:)
flaws suck! i agree we need to embrace these flaws and love them whole heartedly.

boots said...

you are a beauty, and your ears are perfect <3

brian and thera tolman said...

Your ears add to your unique beauty. I have really small calves and bony knees. In fact that was the first thing my husband told his parents about me before I met them. Thanks Brian...

McCain Family said...

I did it. Yea for flaws and imperfections. They only make us more beautiful:)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Yeah, I hate you, but I can't ignore you. I tried to hide it.

DJCK incorporated said...

Thanks for the sleeping shots of our sweet little Brooks. I just found a folded jack-knife on my office window sill, along with a red marking pencil. Those bucaneers must have raided us yet again!!?

Flaws? Aside from the McCain ability to make a short story very long, I suppose you would want physical ones. I have a severely indented front incisor tooth that should have had the benefit of braces. However, my older brother had braces and made my parents so miserable they never even gave a thought to my front teeth. However, it is fun to mash gum up against them and see the jagged line.

Emily K said...

Heather, I just love you to death. I'm going to tell you about my flaw and refrain from sharing a picture because it involves a bit of a FUPA. My flaw that I have only recently come to accept and almost own is my poor little (and by little, I mean not as big as I guess it could be :))jacked up tummy. She has seen a lot of action over the years and has suffered because of it. She has housed my six little babies for their embyonic/fetus stages and did a mighty good job, I must say. She made it through twins, and when I thought she couldn't get any bigger, don't worry, she did--I even have the stretch marks to prove it, damn it. She had a brief set back with severed rectus abdominus muscles, (but those are overrated anyway, right?) and finally through 5 hip to hip c-sections. I have been so ashamed and embarrassed about how ugly and saggy she has become and have forgotten to be thankful for the miracles in my life that have made her the way she is. I am finally starting to see my scars and marks as wounds of a battle well fought that I should be, and am starting to be, proud of. I love you, my precious little jacked-up tummy, but I am still going to kick your butt into shape!

Bonnie said...

My flaw?

I have a normal sized set of arms, legs and face, and look about five months pregnant. And people are not afraid to ask me about the baby.


Bonnie said...

Imaginary baby.

Anonymous said...

ok, i finally caved.

here you go.

flaws and all.

Sara said...

I have a double chin. Even at my thinnest. It's ALWAYS THERE. When I'm pregnant, it turns into a triple chin. And sometimes a quadruple chin.
I have stopped tossing out pictures that showcase it. Life's too short.
But I still hate it.