Tuesday, September 22, 2009

-real men use a curling iron

so, here i am, doing my typical weekend thing in scottsdale...........
oh wait. you don't recognize me in the picture above?
well- that's me.
maybe it's the angle?
ohhhhhhhhh! not the freaking glamazon in the swimsuit- the one making the flash in the mirror!
see me in the upper left corner? yes, that's my bony elbow.

and that's about all you'll see of me in this post.
i went to check out the runway show put on by Toni and Guy for a couple of reasons.
1. i reallllly need to practice shooting in the no light- i mean low light settings.
2. i love good hair.
3. i love all kinds of fashion
4. i support the odd and starving.
and 5. little brother dave was strutting his stuff again. (look- there i am again!)

and after the show, i weaseled my way into the shoot happening in the back meat locker.
i was like britney spears at a rocket dog kiosk. it was the greatest thing ever.
if given permission, i'll post the REAL pictures and video pierre price and j.d. smith took.

way to go dave. again.
next stop- phoenix fashion week.
woot woot.

i randomly hung out with these marines there to support girlfriends
(leaving again for Afghanistan in a couple weeks)

"one of these things is not like the others"
kind of amazing to be the only non tanorexic in a swimsuit runway show.
more power to ya sexy


Sara said...

Yay for the pasty girls!

I haven't seen the sun in years, my skin is almost translucent and I burn on long road trips!


DJCK incorporated said...

Oh, you mean these bikini shots. What happened to the hips of the girl on the left. Ewww

boots said...

that girl looks better than the rest! hot hot hot and pale. your brother is so dreamy.