Wednesday, September 16, 2009

-super model documentary hour

this is steph.
she's going to chicago this weekend and needed help packing.

these are 2 huge caffeinated beverages- completely necessary for such an early morning creative emergency:

this is the closet in question:

super-packer arizona lewis is here!!

here's what we came up with for an amazing fall weekend getaway with hubby in chi-town, minus the baby. i was really having scarf envy. which is why she's OVERLOADED with scarves for this trip.
jealous. :(

and now look who's happy again!
so sexy.

i know this is a weird hobby but i LOVE packing/dressing other people with their own clothes (and maybe a couple of my items sprinkled in too). it's like barbies for big girls- minus the nipple-less boobies and bad matted bathtub hair.
thanks for the extra helping of pick me up steph.
and your welcome for the freaking disaster my boys left behind.


Anonymous said...

lolz, I LOVE CLOTHES! I jsut dropped way too much money online shopping for clothes I am not going to wear until June. =]

Sara said...

I love scarves, I love scarves, I love scarves, I love scarves, I love scarves, I love scarves, I love scarves, I love scarves.

P.S. You're really bendy.

Tiff G. said...

Love the looks! You're amazing and Steph's gonna freakin' kill it in chi town!!

boots said...

i live with my best friend who is soon to really be my sister in law! we love dressing each other up, its amazing how someone else's style can affect your wardrobe so perfectly.

Aya said...

I LOVE to pack also! I don't know why though..lots of people dread it! But I'm going to Chicago next weekend for a wedding! I hope you have tons of fun over there!

Brooke said...

If I fly you up to Portland, could you help me shop for cute student teaching clothes? :)

I'm HOPELESS when it comes to fashion...

Lucrecia said...

hmmmm...I might need you to go through my closet if you ever find yoself in Happy Valley. And might I add that you're looking freaking fabulous! How'd you get so skinny? I'm still packing around a little Hudson on my hips and thighs dang it!

seriouslyright? said...

I saw your Le Love comment and couldn't agree more. Thought you sounded pretty bad ass and a lot like me. Had to check you out. Love the blog and the cute little blonde :)

brian and thera tolman said...

I want you to dress me! You win the stylist, photographer, make up artist, fun, hot mom award. I only hate you a little bit. :)