Tuesday, September 8, 2009


so my last post was the longest love letter to my hometown- kennewick.
i had a really amazing time home. obviously.
it's been hard figuring out how to plan our days without grandma and grandpa.
i HAD to get out of this funk that followed me back to arizona.
time to "shake shit up" (oops. that's 2 consecutive posts with gutter mouth. crap.)

so, i went on a date with this town in an attempt to reignite some blown out flames.
it worked.
yes, it's hot.
yes, the kids are still bored of indoor only play.
yes, the nectarines are super sucky compared to those of the eastern washington agricultural dreamworld. (almost said wet dream but thought i'd sacrifice vulgar humor as to not send this entire post straight to hell).
but no- i'm not out of love with arizona.

sometimes it just takes a morning on a mountain with a side dish of owl city in the buds to remind you that this place rules.


Steve and Shell said...

me too! but i miss NYC already...im sure you can relate.

Sara said...

Good for you!

I desperately need to follow your example. I want to do the same thing with my new town, but right now I'm putting it off something fierce.

Please feel free to give me some pointers about how to not be a Negative Nelly.

DJCK incorporated said...

A walking chamber of commerce aka Pollyanna. Good for you. We like you either place, but get more rest when you are happy in Arizona. With $59 tickets on Allegiant, we can have it both ways. Huzzah.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Not me - just kidding, sort of.

McCain Family said...

Those are beautiful pictures. It makes ME want to live in AZ, but only in the morning. :)


Tiff G. said...

Love it! You were so in the moment!!
it's a good reminder!