Wednesday, September 30, 2009

-yep. whatever.

nothing like "easing" back into the dramatically abandoned blog world with a half naked post and 1,000 pictures.
life is good.
and so are my friends.
and so are the 5lbs i gained from 4 days of cheese and lardtillas.
it's good to be back.

let's start off the weekend with a completely overexposed picture that would've been freaking amazing. scratch that. we are so bright in this picture out of excitement, lack of cheese and because brandon took the wheel with the nikon. we'll darken up by the end of this post.
in so many ways. i swear.

this was tiff all weekend.
looking 12 years old. i laugh every time i look at this picture.

don't worry. jenna found her cullen shades within 5 minutes of getting out of the car.

sometimes there aren't enough words.
is it uncomfortable that i'm too comfortable with these uncomfortably comfortable mexican men?

that hat really was the 9th member of this trip.

in conclusion:
priscilla is the best dad on the planet,
shakira makes me howl,
the dirtier the floor tiles, the better the taco,
there are too few sunning hours in one day,
sleeping in is over rated,
giving a mexican man a boki draws a crowd,
speaking in abbrevs saves you time during the day,
any setting is the perfect setting for a dance party,
quiche travels well,
sand tastes like sand,
jellyfish swarm,
diet pepsi tastes best before 8am,
a driver can be compensated with marshmallows on a stick,
playlists from the 90's are a must,
besties are the besties.


Sara said...

A) Either all your friends are gorgeous or your bitchin' photography skills make everyone look that good. Probably a little of both...

B) The monkey statues make me nervous.

C) Don't you kind of wish we used marshmallows for money? I think it's a good idea.

D) Welcome back! Now, don't get any new-fangled ideas about ditching us again.

valerie said...

These pictures are great! You are all so gorg.

Glad you are back!!!

Anonymous said...

you look like u had fun! You and your friends are all so beautiful! two things:

I love your friends Cullen shades and I have a pair too... probly because I am in love with Edward Cullen.... (If you hadn't guessed, I am a HUGE twilight nerd.), and shakira makes ME howl too! "there's a she wolf in the closet, open up a set her freee awooooo!"

ok I will stop. =]

Kelly Mo said...

That was a quick break! Welcome back. :)

Carl said...

It kind of makes me wonder what you guys did to rile up the guys in the truck so much. hmmmmmmmm

I think the commenters on your blogs are almost as funny as the blogs themselves.

P.S. Are you still coming up in a few weeks? We might need to have a Muse party when you do.

Priscilla said... you know where I can get some white denim pants with a banana in the pocket?

Organic Meatbag said...

You gals seem nice but the monkeys were uber creepy...

brian and thera tolman said...

These pictures make me so happy! SO glad you are back!!