Tuesday, September 15, 2009

-bent over in phoenix

so. sometimes when life hands you lemons, you stomp on those jerks until you get some super dirty sour juice. then you funnel it into a glass pitcher, add a cup of sugar and strain the grains of sand and cig butts through your teeth as you gulp down that stupid lemonade.
then, you call your mother- regain a grasp of reality- and move forward.
and like always, getting out of the house is the best lemon stomping coping skill i've got.
so we headed to the phoenix science center.

it just so happened to be the week between the AMAZING Legos exhibit and the SUPER RAD Robots exhibit. And although there were interesting close ups of head lice and floating astronauts, i felt my boys were still a bit too young for this quiet, heavy reading display filled museum. it cost me $12 bucks to get in, $12 bucks for parking and all of that for about an hour of me wandering around with these crazy babies, wracking my brain for something clever to blog about. (that's 40 cents a minute BTW)

here's a couple of attempts:
brooks really tried to love the aerodynamics display but his eyes were too dry to focus on learning.

brooks and ade found the one thing to climb on.
and so did every other non-reading active child in the building. apparently.

brooks played with this thing about facial emotions or something.
this picture is just really all about brooks's hair.
it's so big and awesome.
i think it needs it's own social security number.
i love it most.

these were actually kind of cool.
click on them to enlarge and count all of the asian fannies if you'd like.

this day was not a complete loss.
i FINALLY went to City Bakery.
(thanks aud for the recommendation- again).
my goodness, the food was so worth the $22 bill. (we're up to $46 now. geez).

we sat, didn't talk about science and ate things that were caramelized, toasted or freshly squeezed.

and as a side dish, i ordered an extra helping of cheekbone.
this guy had enough cheekbone for all of phoenix.
that, plus the fact that he makes a mean grilled cheese may make him the most desirable man in AZ.
this week's going to be better. i promise.


Tiff G. said...

Oh crappers! Did you guys do the Forces of nature? Max was a little scared of it, but Ry loved it and they still talk about it.
At least you got some yummy eats!

Anonymous said...

i love your photography, you and you're children are absolutely beautiful!

Lol, I love the humor in all of your blogs.

ahc said...

city bakery.the best part of the science center. how did i fail to mention that to you?

Sara said...

Thank God you take pictures of your food.

I saw the word "bakery" and I was praying for photographic proof.

I should never have doubted you.

Sara said...

P.S. I'm sorry your week sucked camel cojones.

Julianne said...

If you are really board you can come to the stake center and help paint sets for Savior of the world soooooo fun. The kids love running around the gym.

DJCK incorporated said...

Sara, eventually the pendelum swings. Ms. Lewis was perhaps the most critical of her father when he would show pictures of meals he ate (like buffet from the Inn of Two Sisters in New Orleans, or crabcakes the size of croquet balls in Havre de Grace Maryland), but now she revels in the food shot. What next?

ArizonaLewis said...

dad- i believe that's the 2nd time you've brought up crab cakes in my comment section. the food shots were only because the cook was getting awkward with me making a full fashion shoot out of his sandwich constructing.

Audrey- i gave you props. see the "aud" in that post. that's you. silly.

ArizonaLewis said...

ps dad- i know you're a social butterfly and love making comments to the comment makers but i'm thinking once a person posts a comment, they're done with this comment section. (say comment again). this is not facebook. it's just my lame blog. and thank you for creating me.

Kelly Mo said...

shoulda come to see the chickens. never boring!

the mama monster said...

you my dear are funny.