Sunday, September 20, 2009


thanks sara.
i feel so validated for the hours i've spent sitting in this purple office chair.
it's a blogging award that made me feel like tee eye tee ess.

now, here's 10 honest things about me:
1. i have a nasty std.
2. my first open mouth kiss was with my uncle
3. i have this mysterious irritated bump on my............... what?
oh, not that honest?
i see.
let's try this all again.

1. i haven't eaten a real meal in 3 months.
2. i'm a stomach sleeper- even though it gives my face sheet marks all day.
3. i prefer baths. even when i shower, i end up laying on the floor.
4. i jump and touch nearly every door frame i walk through.
5. i hate the learning curve.
6. i suck at bike riding.
7. i prefer for my friends to be a little bit crazy.
8. i hate road trips.
9. i want to be japanese.
10.i have the most amazing little brothers on the planet.

i'd like to share the love and present this to:
nathanael and
mama monster

some of my lovely new blog friends.


Sara said...

Let's go to Japan and eat soba, sashimi and sushi.

I'm pretty sure if we show a little leg, we'd get all our food for free.

Aya said...

i've always wanted to visit Japan! by the way, thanks so much for the Madonna tip, I definetly used a bow kind of like that & it was perfect!

the mama monster said...

phew at least your first open mouthed kiss wasn't with that cutie pie look alike brother of yours cause that would be weird. thanks for thinking of me.

{better than candy} said...

what a CUTE post! just found your blog. xo.

Anonymous said...

OMG Awww! Thanks sooo much =]

Urmmmm I feel bad because I haven't blogged in FOREVER!

I have so much shit going on its disgusting... I barely sleep anymore.

Hopefully I will be back soon.