Saturday, September 12, 2009

-sheeesh! old man

for my baby brother's 23 rd birthday i got him the 3 things he wanted most in life:

1. a flat of gatorade
2. a bag of dried fruit -&-
3. a photo shoot in the desert during sunset

on the drive out we marinated ourselves in the yeah yeah yeah's- loud enough to make our ears drip.
on the drive in we had sugar free shaved ice with cream and a blended diet vanilla coke.
i know i'm a lucky girl to be his big sister.
and he's a lucky boy to have me for a best friend.
love you bink.

oh yes. i had to model my new yellow dress and some sparkly silver shoes.
where else am i ever going to wear them?
click here for more desert photos


Abbey said...

Lovely pictures. You two look amazing! :)

Sara said...

What on earth did your mother eat while she was pregnant with you two?

Or are your parents just really, really hot?

DJCK incorporated said...

As a matter of fact, Sara, we are hot. Tight skirts and clever editing simply cannot improve upon good genes.

Aya said...

you both are gorgeous! the photography is amazing too, can't get over how lovely they are!

boots said...

you guys are like mutant beauty monsters. hot hot hot

The Whispering Creek House said...

o man you people are so gorgeous! HAHA i love your blog! your humor is great fun!